calculation of transport coefficients on device (Defect #180)

Added by Lars Zeidlewicz almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

Status:New Start date:06 Sep 2011
Priority:High Due date:
Assignee:Christian Schäfer % Done:


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Christopher and I found that the OpenCL code for calculations of transport coefficients ( is plain serial code without any parallelisation.
In particular, the private memory objects of size VOL4D*(something) are bound(!) to exceed device memory capacities.

In order to get a working program, please change that (for blueprints look at heatbath_even or some similar kernel). Also, remove kappa_karsch if you don't want it anymore.

Afterwards, testing tk_kappa and tk_kappa_hybrid will be necessary.


Updated by Christopher Pinke almost 8 years ago

There were some changes in the prog regarding the transportcoefficient calculation.
Now there is only the hybrid executable left, it is now called "transportcoefficient" to have a unique name.
Also, this prog only features the clover-discre., not the karsch one. If you want to implement the latter too, you should just check an older version of the git.

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