Computation of the transportcoefficient kappa (Feature #219)

Added by Christian Schäfer almost 8 years ago.

Status:New Start date:02 Nov 2011
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The computation of the transportcoefficient kappa requires the following features:

Anisotropic heatbath in pure gauge theory

  • Implementation of new staples in temporal and spatial direction
  • Implementation of a new inputparameter xi and its derivated parameter xi_0

Clover-discretization of the energy-momentum-tensor T_{mu,nu}

  • Implementation of the Clover-plaquette which consists of four regular plaquettes
  • Combinations of different Clover-plaquettes in order to obtain diagonal or nondiagonal (it is a design question) elements of the energy-momentum-tensor

Computation of kappa

  • Two sums of the energy-momentum-correlator on a 3d sublattice
  • A Fouriertransformation of this sum on the remaining lattice (actually it is a 2d FT)
  • The Fouriertransformation should be executable with different momenta

Further ideas

  • Fast Fouriertransformation: Perhaps the Fouriertransformation from the last point can be extracted into its own kernel. With a generalization of the 3d sublattice sums an existing kernel for the FFT can be used.
  • Multilevelalgorithm: Recursive algorithm which mixes measurement of the observable and heatbathupdates on sublattices. Reduces the statistical errors significantly!

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