Stout Smearing (Feature #234)

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Stout smearing is a technique which can improve ultra violett gauge fluctuations.
See the attached writeup for more information and references.

The stout-smear kernel is already implemented and has been tested in #232.

What is still missing:

  • proper implementation into the opencl_modules and executables
  • implementation of stout-smear force

The latter is necessary for stout-smeared HMC. However, it is very involved and will be delayed until really needed!

Overview_Stout-Smearing.pdf - A short writeup about the general ideas of stout-smearing (54.9 kB) Christopher Pinke, 10 Nov 2011 01:18 pm

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blocked by CL2QCD - Unit Test #232: Test Stout smearing Done 10 Nov 2011
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Updated by Christopher Pinke almost 8 years ago

With 605e1863 and the commits before I added proper smearing functionality to the executables and opencl_modules.
If smearing is used in the HMC, each intermediate gf is saved in an array. This will most likely render the GPU unuseful because of the very big amount of memory needed!

I did not check if it works in praxis yet, however this can then only provide minor problems because the stout smear kernel itself has been tested!!

As mentioned above, I will delay the implementation of a proper force_kernel until really needed. Right now, there is only a dummy implemented...

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Updated by Christopher Pinke almost 7 years ago

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