Geometry on the host (Feature #243)

Added by Christopher Pinke over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Status:Feedback Start date:02 Dec 2011
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Assignee:Matthias Bach % Done:


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Currently, geometric functions live separately on host- and device code. This is potentially dangerous if one would change conventions.
However, with e60c0dce I deleted almost all of these functions on the host because most of them were not used at all! The remaining all have the geometric conventions explicitly in them.

One can not just include the opencl file in the host code also because on the host, one does not have the lattice spacings as compile time parameters as on the device, rendering most of the opencl functions useless on the host.

Since the host is rarely used for computations, the only important thing is that the gaugefield is copied to/from ildg-format and to/from device correclty, which works at the moment.

I suggest to leave it like it is now and in case adjust "host_geometry" manually.

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Updated by Christopher Pinke over 7 years ago

With 08f415cf I cleaned geometry on the host up even further. There are 3 functions that would have to be changed if the geometry on the device is changed:

  • get_global_pos
  • get_link_pos
  • get_nspace

I think this small amount allows for a manual modification when needed.

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