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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Due date
299 NUMA Bench 2FeatureNewNormalcheck out mbind to allocate the different memory regions explicitely in given NUMA regionsMatthias Kretz
271 CL2QCDBenchmarkIn ProgressNormalHMC test against tmlqcd2012.2
266 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalProper handling of bandwidth-optimized gaugefield storage2012.3
264 CL2QCDUnit TestNewNormalTest for dslash bug fixed in e42481f2012.3
263 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalRandom number generator per lattice site02 Mar 2012
262 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalRanlux based random number generation
259 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalRefine HMC integrationChristopher Pinke30 Apr 2012
253 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalCPU Optimization of Inverter2012.2
251 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalEnable code for LOEWE-CSCMatthias Bach2012.111 Dec 2012
248 CL2QCDFeatureNewLowTest OpenCL built-in math functions in saxpy-kernels
247 CL2QCDFeatureNewLowUsage of OpenCL built-in math functions
245 CL2QCDDefectNewLowCleaning up the host-codeChristopher Pinke
243 CL2QCDFeatureFeedbackLowGeometry on the hostMatthias Bach
242 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalSimplify functions in the computation of the energy-momentum-tensorChristian Schäfer
236 CL2QCDFeatureIn ProgressNormalReduce Memory Transfer for SU3-Matrices
235 CL2QCDFeatureFeedbackNormalCount Read/Write sizes and flops in opencl_module_hmcMatthias Bach2012.1
234 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalStout SmearingChristopher Pinke
233 CL2QCDDefectNewNormalprintf can cause segfaults on ATI GPUMatthias Bach
231 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalOpencl_module_kappa lacks profiling functionalityChristian Schäfer
229 CL2QCDBenchmarkNewNormalCheck results for kappaChristian Schäfer
228 CL2QCDFeatureNewLowMultilevelalgorithmChristian Schäfer
227 CL2QCDFeatureNewLowFFTChristian Schäfer
226 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalMeasurement of the energy-momentum-correlator in momentumspaceChristian Schäfer
225 CL2QCDFeatureIn ProgressNormalImplementation of the energy-momentum-tensorChristian Schäfer
219 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalComputation of the transportcoefficient kappaChristian Schäfer
218 CL2QCDBenchmarkNewNormalFirst Optimizations for dslash_eoprecMatthias Bach
213 CL2QCDFeatureIn ProgressNormalTestcase for the anisotropic heatbathChristian Schäfer
208 CL2QCDUnit TestFeedbackNormalGeometry TestMatthias Bach
203 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalSort out types of indicesMatthias Bach
201 CL2QCDUnit TestFeedbackNormalCompiler-Behavior in saxsbypz kernelMatthias Bach
197 CL2QCDDefectNewLowInputparameters skips any line that contains a Hash
190 CL2QCDDefectNewLowOpenCL compile fails on NVIDIA PlatformMatthias Bach
186 CL2QCDFeatureFeedbackLowMake dimensions and other positive only values in inputparameters unsignedMatthias Bach
180 CL2QCDDefectNewHighcalculation of transport coefficients on deviceChristian Schäfer
172 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalWorksizes should depend on specific KernelMatthias Bach
165 CL2QCDFeatureIn ProgressNormalFermion-ObservablesChristopher Pinke
164 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalBenchmark-ImplementationMatthias Bach
159 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormaltk_kappa parameter infoChristian Schäfer
138 CL2QCDDefectFeedbackNormalcheck host_readgauge.cppMatthias Bach
137 CL2QCDDefectIn ProgressNormalComputation of kappa_clover does not run on GPU but on CPUChristian Schäfer
136 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalGracefully degrade to OpenCL 1.0Matthias Bach
132 CL2QCDDefectNewNormal overrelax kernels have register spillingMatthias Bach
131 CL2QCDDefectNewNormalheatbath kernels has register spilling.Matthias Bach
109 CL2QCDDefectNewNormalreduction with num_groups>1
107 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalDocument Code using Doxygen
104 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalRefactor OpenCL Kernels into operationsMatthias Bach
102 CL2QCDFeatureNewNormalProper implementation of reductionsMatthias Bach
73 NUMA BenchDefectNewNormalif the argument to contains a slash the sed call breaks0.9.3
72 NUMA BenchDefectNewNormalthe latency plots on Intel machines seem to give incorrect numbers0.9.3
68 NUMA BenchDefectNewNormalrdtscp is not available on older CPUsMatthias Kretz0.9.3

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