Version 1.1.0 Release

Added by Matthias Bach over 8 years ago

We are pleased to announce the release of HPL-GPU 1.1.0. This version includes two important new features:

  • Multi-GPU support — In combination with CALDGEMM 1.1.0 you can now use multiple GPUs per host
  • Heterogeneous system support — You can now utilize systems of different speed efficiently

These features are, however, still to be seen as experimental. Due to the limited of available multi-GPU systems and heterogeneous clusters with AMD GPUs they have not yet been tested extensively. If you experience problems in your specific combination feel free to contact the authors by joining ##caldgemm on or via the CALDGEMM mailing list.

You can download the tarball from the files section or get the source via tag v1.1.0 from the git repository. Installation instructions can be found in the wiki. If you are interested in some more in depth information you should have a look at the Technical Report that was published along with CALDGEMM 1.0.0.