The road to Vc 0.7

Added by Matthias Kretz over 6 years ago

With the latest Krita release depending on the development version of Vc, packagers have been asking for a release. And since I have not been able to follow my plan of release often (the "early" part worked...), I take that as a good reason to finally make a cut and move todo items to the next version.

One major issue for Vc 0.7 was the full support for more compilers. For Vc 0.7.0 I will thus skip full MSVC support. It will be good enough for most users, but a few unit tests are still failing. I hope to be able to get this fixed soon and release a Vc 0.7.1 then.

Expect to see a Vc 0.7 release candidate any time now.