Trigonometric functions in Vc and VDT

Added by Matthias Kretz over 6 years ago

Some people might have noticed that there is a project called VDT, which implements the same algorithms for sine, cosine, and friends as does Vc. The difference is that Vc implements the functions only for float_v and double_v, whereas VDT only defines float and double implementations. Still the algorithms are the same. So on Tuesday afternoon Danilo and I sat down at CERN for a chat about merging those efforts. And I'm very happy to announce that we'll work towards merging those efforts.

The plan is to have exactly one implementation of the algorithms that can work for float, double, float_v, and double_v. This will hopefully increase the quality and visibility for both projects. VDT should not get a dependency on Vc, though. VDT is perfectly usable and interesting without Vc - so that makes sense. Vc, on the other hand, can incorporate VDT releases into its own releases to provide the necessary implementations for math functions. There are still many open details, but the plan is solid. So, yay for more collaboration and efficient code sharing!