Vc 0.7.2 Released

Added by Matthias Kretz about 6 years ago

Summary of the changes in Vc 0.7.2:
  • Improved documentation
  • Detect and support AMD Piledriver CPUs (prefers FMA over FMA4)
  • Support clang with libc++
  • More workarounds for compiler quirks
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Fixed VectorTuple to work without using namespace Vc.
    • SSE::sfloat_m::operator!= was broken.
    • SSE::sfloat_m::isMix was broken.
    • Buildsystem: Detection of CPU flags was broken on Linux
    • Fixed compilation for targets that don't support POPCNT.
    • Fixed debug builds that use log(-1). It returns NaN instead of asserting now.
    • No warning for nested foreach_bit loops anymore