Version 1.0.0 Release

Added by Matthias Bach over 8 years ago

We are pleased to announce the release of HPL-GPU 1.0. This largely rewritten version of Linpack can sit on top of CALDGEMM, our high performance DGEMM library for AMD GPUs.

This is the code version that reached 285 Gflops on LOEWE-CSC, pushing the system to position 22 in this falls Top500 list.

Besides support for GPUs this version also features massive improvements to single process per node and initialization performance as well as lookahead, not to mention the many improvements in small details that help with things as debugging the code and the system.

You can download the tarball from the files section or get the source via tag v1.0.0 from the git repository. Installation instruction can be found in the wiki. If you are interested in some more in depth information you should have a look at the Technical Report that was published along with CALDGEMM 1.0.0.