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12 Jan 2012

04:12 pm CL2QCD Revision 1618b933: The heatbath produced a segfault due to deleting a wrong pointer in void
Gaugefield_hybrid::copy_gaugefield_to_ildg_format(hmc_float * dest
Matrixsu3 * source_in, const inputparameters * con...

02 Dec 2011

11:53 am CL2QCD Feature #242 (New): Simplify functions in the computation of the energy-momentum-tensor

16 Nov 2011

10:00 am CL2QCD Revision 1b6f9d91: Wrote two inputfiles allowing to test the anisotropic heatbath.
09:40 am CL2QCD Revision 4ad4e5d0: Built a new file including the necessary operations
for the measurement of TK kappa. Started implementing the
energy-momentum-tensor but the reduction and 3d sum are not...
09:21 am CL2QCD Revision eb8470d1: Added a function subtract_matrix3x3_dagger to and
tested it.

15 Nov 2011

02:34 pm CL2QCD Revision 3b1dbada: Merge branch 'master' of
02:31 pm CL2QCD Revision b4d3f885: Changed the starting point of the mu-for-loop from mu=0 to mu=1 and
removed the now superfluid if statement mu==0

11 Nov 2011

01:34 pm CL2QCD Revision 26e95e44: Implemented an anisotropic heatbath.
01:02 pm CL2QCD Revision 1ec8715c: Added the flag use_aniso to inputparameters.h/.cpp to allow for
an anisotropic heatbath. Added the flag and a number for the anisotropy
to input_cold

10 Nov 2011

04:15 pm CL2QCD Revision 82cecdb9: Merge branch 'master' of

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